About MadeGood.bikes

Our Goal

We want to provide you with the best bicycle related information resource there is, and we want to give it away for free.

Social Enterprise

We decided early on to make MadeGood a Social Enterprise and not a charity. This means we have to generate our own funds and operate as a business like any other, but any profit we make goes back into the company – we can’t sell shares in the company. This allows us the freedom to focus on our goal without worrying about satisfying the needs of third party shareholders or donors.

Bicycle Maintenance

We designed our content to be used by professionals and amateurs alike, which is an ambitious task. Structuring the library took a lot of thought, and in the end we decided that our tutorials needed to be concise, and complete. Most maintenance tasks are made up of a number of smaller steps that in themselves will apply to a number different, bigger tasks. We’ve tried to break the tutorials down into the smallest practicable chunks, and so first time users might find our library to be a little fragmented mcew. It’s up to the user to find the most relevant smaller chunks in the library to make up the complete maintenance task they wish to perform. We know this isn’t always ideal, especially for beginners, so are working hard to design new ways of presenting the content in a more intelligent way .

Rich Media

MadeGood was born in the YouTube era and we understand the power of video, but only if it’s done well. We shoot all our films in a professionally lit studio with large sensor HD cameras. Watching a film before you carry out a repair is great because it can give you the confidence to attempt a job, but we’re great believers in photos and text too. When you’re at the bike and need a little more time we recommend you use the step by step instructions displayed below the video. Here we explain the procedure in a little more detail and offer up some tips to help you get the job done properly. With the right care and a bit of patience, all of our guides are within the reach of even the least experienced home mechanic.

Support Us

To keep MadeGood a free resource we rely on the contributions you make to our community. This could mean commenting on a post, sharing something you like on a social network , being active in the forum, or maybe by writing a guest post for the blog. The information on MadeGood is 100% impartial.