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About Balfe’s Bikes

With three locations in South London, the team at Balfe’s Bikes are ready and willing to be your go-to friendly bike shop. Their current spot on East Dulwich Road is a few doors down from where things all began for the founder Richard Balfe 5 years ago. In that time Rich has also opened the two other shops on Kennington Road and in Streatham.

Rich is an enthusiastic bike lover, having grown up tinkering with them in nearby Nunhead. He always harboured a dream of opening a shop and when a career change became an option for him he took the plunge to open that first store.

The Kennington shop focuses on repairs, stocking basic commuting kit and offering a day’s turnaround for any servicing or repairs that you need. They get a lot of commuters given its location on a busy route for those riding to work from the south of the city. Balfe’s in Dulwich and Streatham are more geared towards selling bikes as well as bike fitting and servicing. They both stock a great range of bikes and cycling accessories. You can also have some treatment from a sports masseuse at the Dulwich shop.

The next stage for Balfe’s is building bikes. Rich went to Lincolnshire this year in order to learn the craft of frame building from the legendary Dave Yates and is close to getting his workshop set up in the basement of the Streatham shop.

Rich and his team have made Balfe’s truly welcoming, where they are keen to be the opposite of the stereotypical grumpy bike shop. They value customer service and make an effort to chat with and get to know people in order to gain their regular custom.

The free tea and coffee on offer is a massive bonus too!

Balfe’s Bikes workshop in Kennington – phot by Duncan Palmer

From Balfe’s Bikes

Pedalled along by a team of cycling enthusiasts, Balfe’s Bikes not only keep a wide range of interesting paraphenalia (suggestions always welcome) but also employ great mechanics to keep your bicycle working in tip-top condition.

Each of our three shops has it’s own feel.

East Dulwich is an eclectic shop with a very comfortable feel. We offer road bikes, hybrids, kids bikes, folding bikes and repairs. We offer bike fitting and have a dedicated treatment room where our Sports Masseuse, Rosie Jones is based.

Kennington is about repairs. A small shop which stocks the essential kit with a wide range of bike spares. This is where we service bikes all day long. Also based from here is our mobile repair service, the soon to be famous Mr Puncture Pronto Man!

Streatham is our latest effort, with a lovely large (and now dry) basement we aim to be building our own frames and repairing others from here in the next few years. You will come to know Streatham for the large clock above our door, helping you commuters realise how late for work you are! For the moment we shall be offering our great level of servicing, accessories and a range of commuter bikes with a view to introducing a range of Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes during 2013.