Blue Door Bicycles

Shopkeep at Blue Door Bicycles - Photo by Duncan Palmer | MadeGood.bikes

About Bloor Door Bicycles

There has been a bike shop on the site of Blue Door Bicycles in Crystal Palace since the 1920s. The owner, David Hibbs, is a mine of information about the shop’s history. It was previously a dairy until it became a bike shop, which was then taken on by the Talbot family in the 1940s and was named Central Cycles. It remained in the hands of the Talbots until 2010.

The site has continued as a bike shop with the opening of Blue Door Bicycles a year and a half ago. It is a very friendly and well-stocked shop, a classic LBS. You can buy everything you need to get started yourself started and return knowing that you will get a warm welcome and expert advice. They sell a large range of bikes, including Pashley, Dawes (should you want a touring bike), and even Bamboo Bikes (if you was something a bit different).

Inside Blue Door Bicycles - Photo by Duncan Palmer | MadeGood.bikes

Inside Blue Door Bicycles – Photo by Duncan Palmer

They have expanded the shop since the days of Central Cycles. The original dairy had been split in two, with an electrical shop taking on the other half of the site, but David and his team have expanded the shop to take on the whole of the original shop. Out back is an excellent workshop that repairs and services bikes and where the Talbot name is being continued with Talbot Frameworks.

Matt McDonough started Talbot Frameworks in March 2013 and operates out of BDB. He had been making and repairing bike frames in his spare time whilst working as a teacher, but when David opened Blue Door Bicycles they both saw it as a perfect chance for Matt to start building frames full time. His bikes are beautiful and well worth checking out. He makes three standard models – road, track and cyclocross – but is always happy to go with something completely custom. Prices for the standard frame start at around £1200.

Welding at Talbot Frameworks- Photo by Duncan Palmer | MadeGood.bikes

Welding at Talbot Frameworks – Photo by Duncan Palmer

Blue Door Bicycles is clearly a source of great pride for David. He loves bikes and although they mainly cater for commuters, he is keen to encourage people to invest in a bike and even try out things like tandems. The shop offers great customer service and a friendly welcome, with the added bonus of an artisan framebuilder being on site! Go check them out.

Blue Door Bicycles in their own words

We are a friendly cycle shop in Central Hill, Upper Norwood, South East London (SE19).

Our premises have been a bike shop since the 1920s and we are pleased to be building on a cycling heritage built up for almost 100 years at the same site

Blue Door Bicycles aims to be welcoming to both experienced cyclists and those new to cycling.

We sell bikes and accessories and repair and service bikes. The brands we sell include bikes from Bamboo Bike, Claud Butler, Dahon, Dawes, Diamondback, Eastway, Holdsworth, Kansi, Raleigh,Pashley, Spencer Ivy – and our own Talbot Frameworks. We stock parts and accessories including Brooks, Carradice, Continental, Hope, Schwalbe and Shimano.

are now producing hand built wheels and frames on the premises. The wheels are branded ‘Talbot Wheelworks‘ and the frames ’Talbot Frameworks‘ – recalling the Talbot family who ran a bike shop at 7 Central Hill from 1949 until 2010.

We have a small number of bikes for hire.