Brixton Cycles

About Brixton Cycles

South of the river is a place where many north Londoners rarely venture. They complain about poor transport connections and a lack of things to do, despite the fact that areas like Brixton are bustling, vibrant communities full of colour, life and great pubs and restaurants.

In the 1980s Brixton experienced a lot more social problems, but out of this period was born one of London’s best bike shops that is still going strong today – Brixton Cycles. It was started in 1982 by a group of like-minded cyclists at a time when cycling was a much less mainstream a pursuit compared to now. They felt that normal people on bikes were not catered for very well and so decided to open up their own shop.

It has always been run as a co-operative – the staff own and democratically run the shop – and soon after it was founded it forged its excellent reputation. It has a real community feel to it. They always seem to be helping out kids who need to get something sorted on their bikes and they really promote the skatepark next to the shop (hey, they stock skateboards too). They also have a popular cycling club that races and holds social rides.

Their workshop is second to none, and the staff at Brixton Cycles are a huge asset. They are all friendly and highly skilled with a great attitude to bike maintenance. They care about bikes and the people who ride them. Instead of being profit driven, the folk at Brixton Cycles are proud to be impartial and they won’t try the hard sell. The shop sells a lot of quality cycle kit and they sell some excellent bikes including Surly and Trek.

Brixton Cycles is understandably a jewel in the crown of not just the London cycling scene but the city as a whole. It is a place where you will always receive a warm welcome and is one of the most trustworthy bike shops around. You know their motivations are sound and just. salutes them for that. Bravo Brixton!