gone-too-soon V. won’t-go-away

“Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald

According to Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald:- “There are no second acts in American lives.” Lance Armstrong has already had two…

  • ACT I. Wunderkind with swimmer’s shoulders – World Champion at 22 – is tragically struck down by cancer.
  • ACT II. Skeletal conqueror with a coffee-grinder cadence turns out – who’d have guessed it? – to be on anything he can get away with.

…and is rolling the dice for a third.

Not sure exactly what the next chapter will consist of, but some unlikely version of ‘PENITENCE’ is sure to feature.

won't go away
won’t go away
gone-too-soon V. won’t-go-away
gone too soon

The shit-storm surrounding his latest, ‘confessional’ interview has over-shadowed the retirement of the World’s greatest living Welsh person (not Gareth Bale).

[pic id=”3″]

Nicole Cooke’s farewell statement is something like her career, awkward and awesome. Read it and regret. We may not witness such power again. Read it and celebrate. Be grateful that you lived while the tiger rode.

Rash Prediction:- Nicole Cooke will not be making any embarrassing comebacks.