Replace A Bike Cassette


Replacing a bike cassette is simple enough, but does require a few specialist tools. You will need a cassette key of the right type and a chain-whip. You will recover the cost of the tools by carrying out the task by yourself. Sometimes a cassette seize on to the hub over time. You can gain extra leverage by either extending the length of your spanner with a metal pipe, or by putting the cassette key in a vice and using the turning moment of the wheel.

This is a long guide, so you can choose to either watch the entire video above, or follow it in smaller chunks by clicking on the individual steps below.

Steps to Replace A Bike Cassette:

Remove A Rear Wheel With Quick Release Skewer - MadeGood.bikes

1. Remove A Bike's Rear Wheel With Quick

Removing a rear wheel is a simple task, although the gear mechanism makes it a slightly more complicated than removing the front wheel.

Remove A Bike Cassette - MadeGood.bikes

2. Remove A Bike Wheel's Cassette

The cogs on a bike cassette slide onto a set of splines on the freehub and are held in place by a lock-ring. The cogs usually come in a set, with some bolted together and some loose.

Mount A Rear Cassette - MadeGood.bikes

3. Mount A Bike Cassette

The freehub body has a set of splines that allow the bike cassette to grip and turn the freehub. The cassette slides on to these and is held in place by a lock-ring.

Mount A Rear Wheel With Quick Release Skewer - madeGood.bikes

4. Mount A Bike's Rear Wheel With Quick

Mounting a rear wheel with quick release skewer is simple, although the gears make it a slightly more complicated

5. Check A Bike Freewheel

A freewheel is a ratchet mechanism mounted on the rear hub which allows the chain to drive the wheel forwards via a cog but when the wheels move faster than the chain the cog is not driven round by the wheel. A freewheel allows a rider to rest their legs while the bike is moving forward.